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Abdul Salam & Associate Law Services Include:

Yellow RoseCriminal law
Case involve: deception, embezzlement, deception in employment / occupation, persecution, defamation, unpleasant acts, sexual abuse, Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (Drugs), Corruption, smuggling and illegal logging and many more.

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General Civil Law
Case Involve: Debt, Purchasing, Leasing, Borrowing, Illegal Acts, breach, toll on sales, and others.

Yellow RoseTrade Law
Case involve: establishment of enterprise agencies, such as: UD, CV, firm, PT, and other business entities; Handling business license, making trade contracts, analysis of commercial contracts, commercial contracts violation (Breach of contract), maintaining trade contract, filing a trade dispute, use of securities, and others.
Yellow RoseLand Law
Case Involve: Land ownership disputes, sale and purchase of land disputes, the case of residential land by persons whom not in charge, the case of land annexation, the case of duplicate certificates, cases of coercion in the selling and purchasing the land and other land cases.
Yellow RoseBanking Law
Case Involve: Bank establishment and the branches establishment. Bank merger or the bank branches combination, whether in the form of merger or consolidation. Financing a project, both government and private projects, the bank credit document analysis, loan syndication, handling criminal banking cases, Settlement performing loans or bad, credit cards (credit card), the question about banking services, and others.
Yellow RoseConsumer Protection
Case Involve: Activity settings in accordance with the company law of consumer protection, handling cases of violations of the consumer protection act, prosecutions for any ads that mislead consumers, prosecutions of producers that harm consumers, and others.
Yellow RoseCorporate Law
Case Involve: Drafting Articles of Association, Establishment of Companies such as UD, Firma, CV, and Limited Liability Companies, Management of Business Licensing, Contract Drafting and / or other corporate documents (Legal Drafting), Legality of Contract Management / Cooperation with other Companies, Investment (Capital Investment ) to another company, the Audit Legal Document Company, Merger and Consolidation of the Company either Merger, Acquisition Purchase of the Company including, dissolution of a corporation, and others.

Yellow RoseContract Law
Case involve: Drafting Business Contracts, Company Regulation, Investment Agreement / Investment, Cooperation Agreement, Loan Agreement, Consignment Agreement, Agent and Distributor Agreements, and others.

Yellow RoseIntellectual Property Rights and Taxation
Case involve: Copyright Infringement, Breach / Counterfeiting Trademark, Patent Violation of other parties, opening of Other Companies Owned Trade Secrets, Breach of industrial designs owned by other companies Embezzlement Tax, Tax Investigation, Tax Billing letter, and other tax crimes.
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Medical Law and Family Law
Case involveL Informed Consent, Hospital Regulation, malpractice Doctors & Dentists, Other Medical malpractice, accountant malpractice, malpractice conducted by the Architect, and / or other experts. Religious Differences Marriage, Marriage Citizenship Bede, underage marriage, Filing for divorce, filed for divorce, divorce for civil servants (PNS), Validation / secret wedding inaugurated, Mastery and Maintenance of children, division of matrimonial property, and others.

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